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Obagi C

Obagi C Rx System

Obagi C Rx

Obagi C Rx is a skin care system designed to lighten skin, clear up brown age spots and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

More Vitamins Fewer Chemicals

Obagi C is similar to the famous Obagi Nu-Derm line in that it deals with hyperpigmentation (spots) and melasma (uneven skin color). However the Obagi C products have added vitamin C to build skin collagen and introduce antioxidants to combat skin-damaging free radicals.

Obagi C relies more on use of natural Vitamins C and E and less on prescription strength 4% hydroquinone as the main skin bleaching ingredient (though there is 4%hydroquinone in one of the Obagi C products). Many patients report that using Obagi C means less peeling and redness compared to Obagi Nu-Derm, yet delivers similar if not the same results.

Special Vitamin C Formula

Obagi has taken the common skin-improving ingredient 10% L-Ascorbic acid and made a special formula that lowers the pH level to make the Vitamin C more absorbent by the skin to help improve the antioxidant and collagen building effects.

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Obagi C Reviews

People who’ve used Obagi C swear by the results. They report tighter, younger-looking skin due to fewer wrinkles around the eyes, brow and mouth, as well as significant reduction in age spots and improved evenness in skin tone.

There are two different Obagi C product packages; one for normal to oily skin and one for normal to dry skin types. The oily skin system has two extra ingredients to help the skin absorb the ingredients, and the dry skin system has an exfoilant to remove dead skin cells daily.

Obagi C Products for Normal to Oily Skin Types:

C-Cleansing Gel – Skin cleaning formula used mornings and evenings to ensure proper absorption of vitamin C in the steps that follow.

C-Balancing Toner – Restores pH balance of oil-prone skin. Applied morning and night.

C-Clarifying Serum – This is the medicine in the system that contains the real skin-lightening ingredients of L-absobic vitamin C and hydroquinone. The vitamin C protects the skin because it’s an antioxidant that fights free radicals and 4% hydroquinone is a prescription skin lightening agent that helps skin cells produce less melanin. The C-Clarifyin Serum is used in the morning.

C-SunGuard SPF 30 – Sunscreen is provided for daily protection. It’s used in the morning and anytime more is needed to maintain protection from the sun’s drying and darkening rays.

C-Therapy Night Cream – At night the Obagi C system for oily skin includes a vitamin C and E rich cream to work with the body’s natural renewal and repair cycle to reduce the skin’s melansome production (pigment production).

Obagi-C Fx C-Therapy Night Cream – Another skin lightener active-ingredient step, the FX C Therepy night cream contrains 7% arbutin to reduce melanin production and Vitamins C and E for overall skin therapy.

For people with dry skin Obagi C has a product system that uses four of the same powerful ingredients; C-Cleansing Gel, C-Clarifying Serum, C-SunGuard SPF 30 and C-Therapy Night Cream. But it leaves out the two Fx products in the oily skin line and it adds an exfoilant lotion.

Obagi C Products for Dry to Normal Skin Types:

C-Cleansing Gel – same as above
C-Clarifying Serum – same as above
C-Exfoliating Day Lotion – Applied in morning to exfoliate surface skin layer for optimal absorbtion of active ingredients in products applied next. Contains vitamin C to capture and neutralize free radicals. Available with SPF sunscreen to help make sure sun protection is part of morning routine.
C-SunGuard SPF 30 – same as above
C-Therapy Night Cream – same as above

Obagi C fx C-Clarifying Serum – not part of dry skin product regimen
Obagi-C Fx C-Therapy Night Cream – not part of dry skin product regimen

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Obagi C Results Summary

Obagi has developed a fan following using a formula of modified ingredients presented in a product combinations designed to enhance the main, often prescription strength, ingredients. The general outline of their skin treatment plans are to prepare, treat and then provide after care to affected areas.

Does it work? Well, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive on skin care and makeup reviews sites.

Sensitive Skin

That’s not to say everyone loves Obagi C. People with skin that is sensitive to some common skin product ingredients won’t use them due to irritation. Also, Obagi products that bleach the skin contain powerful ingredients that can leave skin red and peeling during the process.

Often the reviewers complaining of discomfort are the ones who use the single prescription product alone instead of surrounded by the soothing before and after steps offered by the full product line system. And other reviewers on the review sites and forums are quick to point this out to them.

Summary of Reviews

On balance the reviews around the web strongly trend positive. On skin care forum Makeupalley the average rating out of dozens of reviews is four lipsticks out of five (lipsticks are like their star ratings) and on reference site Beautypedia the Obagi C line gets three out of four positive reviews and one neutral.

On Amazon, Obagi products, both the individual products and the systems, consistently score five or four-and-a-half star ratings from reviewers. Additional research from online forums, eBay and more yields similar positive experiences with Obagi C. The presence of positive reviews from multiple skin care authority retailers, websites and forums leads us to the conclusion that Obagi C is an effective skin treatment for reducing blemishes and wrinkles and improving overall appearance.

Overall the balance of a few negative reviews to many more positive reviews shows a clear consensus that online users and reviewers see Obagi C as an effective treatment and good value.

Save 34% on Obagi C Rx Skin Healthy System

The System includes:
- C Cleansing Gel to prepare the skin (6 oz)
- C-Clarifying Serum to reduce pigmentation (1 oz)
- C-Exfoliating Day Lotion to exfoliate and brighten (2 oz)
- C-Therapy Night Cream to repair and protect (2 oz)
- C-SunGuard SPF 30 to protect against further sun damage (3 oz)
- Travel bag
- Patient Brochure


See individual product directions in system or use as directed by your skin care specialist.



For information and additional reviews of Obagi skin care products visit our home page at http://obagireviewsx.com.

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