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Obagi Nu Derm

Nu Derm Steps
Nu Derm Process
Side Effects

Lighten and Tighten with New Skin CellsNu Derm before photo

The Obagi Nu Derm System is Obagi’s signature skin lightening and tightening product line. It is a five-step regimen in which products are applied morning and night in a specified order.

The regenerating effects of the sixteen main products promote new skin cell growth which can remove pigmentation problems like “age spots”, acne scars and melasma, and reduce wrinkles by growing new younger, tighter skin cells.

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Nu Derm StepsNu Derm after photo

The five steps in the Obagi Nu Derm system are designed to work on the skin in the following stages:

  • Prepare
  • Improve
  • Stimulate
  • Protect
  • Complement

The idea behind the process is that the most powerful ingredients are better absorbed and provide greater results when the skin is properly prepared and protected before and after the application.

Nu Derm Process

For example, in the Prepare step, there are two cleaning products to remove dirt and makeup and a Toner to balance the skin’s pH level to get it ready for maximum absorption of the medicines in the Improve step.

The Improve step is where the skin-lightening compound of 4% hydroquinone is applied in the Obagi Clear product, followed by a glycolic and lactic acid containing product, and then a phytic acid solution both of which help remove top layers of old dead skin cells.

The four products in the Stimulate step are a combination of natural and chemical compounds known to alter skin cell pigmentation development. Applying the strong stuff at this stage makes sense because the surface of the skin has been made dirt and makeup free in the Prepare phase and stripped of superficial dead skin cells in Improve.

With the preparation and application part over it’s time to protect the work that’s been done. At this point Nu Derm’s Protect products consist of strong sunscreens to protect the newly scrubbed and treated skin.

Complement products take the sting and redness out of the process and moisturize the affected areas to keep peeling and flaking to a minimum.

Most of the products are applied morning and night. Many people swear by the results of Nu Derm but some find the chemicals too harsh and have adverse side effects.

Nu Derm Side Effects

Obagi Nu Derm

Some redness, flaking or peeling is normal, however, excessive adverse reactions should be discussed with your dermatologist to decide whether treatment should be continued. It’s recommended that products first be applied to a test area of the skin to be sure one’s skin isn’t overly sensitive before applying it to the entire face.

Hydroquinone Not For Use Surrounding Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant, are breastfeeding or hope to become pregnant should not use products containing hydroquinone, such as Obagi Clear and Obagi Blender, two products in the Obagi Nu Derm System.

Does Obagi Nu Derm Work?

Based on our look at reviews from dozens of Obagi users it appears that about 75% of people find Obagi Nu Derm a good solution for lightening and brightening skin. And the people for whom Nu Derm worked almost always raved about the change in their skin.

Reviewers frequently noted that they were astounded with the results. Sometimes they expressed great surprise or relief at having finally found something that worked after trying so many other products. More than once people became emotional or referred to the results as “life changing”.

Why Nu Derm Doesn’t Work for Everyone

From our research, for various reasons about a quarter of people who try Obagi didn’t get the results they were hoping for. Common reasons were that their skin was too sensitive to the product and process and therefore they didn’t keep using the routine due to bad breakouts, excessive peeling or pain.

Another common thread in reviews of Nu Derm discussions online is whether users used all the products in Nu Derm or only used Obagi Clear or Obagi Blender to get the same results without having to buy and apply all the other products.

In addition to not being as satisfied as the people who used all the products, they often didn’t have as much information about how the Nu Derm system works. This was clear from conversations in online forums where questions or comments they made were corrected by people who had more experience and information about the products and process.

Product only users might have lacked information because the Nu Derm Starter Kit comes with an instruction sheet that people who only bought Obagi Clear or Obagi Blender wouldn’t have received.

Nu Derm Review Summary

Obagi Nu Derm appears to be a good solution for those willing and able to devote the time to apply the products as specified morning and night. For many people Nu Derm provided long sought relief from age spots and melasma, with an additional benefit of having tighter and more elastic skin.

The combination of products that prepare, treat and then protect the skin and the powerful skin cell rejuvenating ingredients in Nu Derm had the desired effect for most people, and the fact that more than three-quarters of users would use the product again tells us that Nu Derm is an effective product for skin lightening and tightening.

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Nu Derm Set Sizes

Obagi Nu Derm set come in two sizes – the Travel Set and the Starter Set. The main differences are that Nu Derm Travel Set contains 1 oz Blender which is 2 oz in the Starter Set, and the Cleanser and Toner in the Travel Set are 2 oz sizes instead of the 6.7 oz sizes in the Starter Set. The Travel Set does not include the Sunfader product, but the Travel size does contain the SPF 35 Healthy Skin Protection sunscreen.

Where To Buy Obagi Nu Derm Online

Below are two sites where you can buy Obagi Nu Derm online. They are U.S. based, dermatologist run websites that offer free shipping and free gifts. Amazon can be a good place to pick up supplemental non-prescription Obagi and Nu Derm products such as the SPF35 sunscreen, Exfoderm, etc. You do have to pay for shipping usually at Amazon and they while they don’t offer free gifts, they might have lower prices.

Obagi Nu Derm comes in Normal-to-Dry and Normal-to-Oily sets, be sure to look for the option that fits your skin’s profile.

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Amazon is a great place to pick up the non-prescription Nu Derm products if you need a refill. See Obagi Nu Derm Starter Set Non-Rx Components (multiple sellers). Feedback Ratings: 4.7 stars out 5.0 (read reviews)

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Reduced Clear amount

Sep 14, 2012 by Jess k

Hi, I wanted to get back and say that from talking with my dermatologist, we decided I would use half as much of the Clear for the next two weeks while my body got used to the treatment.
I did that and it worked well. I also on my own decided to use less of the other products in Nu Derm too just to be safe.
I'm definitely seeing results and so far it's worth it. It's been a bit of a process with the pause but now on track.

Broke Out

Aug 17, 2012 by Jess k

I could feel from the stinging that this was powerful medicine. And from reading all the indications as well as talking with my dermatologists I fully expected to have great results with this.
BUT after two weeks of using it my face completely broke out. I'm now working with my doctor to see if we can determine which product is causing the reaction. Once we do, she said we'd plan to reduce the amount or frequency of use and if necessary eliminate it from the routine.
I have high hopes that I can get back to it because I've seen it work for friends. I'll try to update this when progress is made.

Worked well first time

Jul 19, 2012 by Monica

I used Nu Derm once about five years ago. I had a very good experience and it definitely faded the brown spots that had begun showing up on my face. They came back over the last several years and now I'm considering using it again - this time I'll need a little help with tightening my skin too! Ah, the joys of getting older! :-)

3.3 4.0 3 3 Hi, I wanted to get back and say that from talking with my dermatologist, we decided I would use half as much of the Clear for the next two weeks while my body got used to the trea Obagi Nu Derm
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