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Obagi Reviews

Obagi Reviews

“I really didn’t like the texture of my skin, my pore size, and I had a lot of hyperpigmentation. I was a little intimidated to have to use so many products and have to buy into some sort of system. I was skeptical. But all I can say is WOW! What a transformation.”
Orinda, CA¹

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Obagi Nu Derm

When people refer to “Obagi” they’re often talking about the Obagi Nu Derm System (read our review), Obagi’s original Obagi Nu Dermand most popular product line. Nu Derm uses a combination of products to lighten and tighten skin.

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Obagi Clear

Another product people have in mind when they mention “Obagi” is Obagi Clear, one of the key products in Nu Derm.

Melasma Before Nu Derm PhotoThere’s a lot of interest in Nu Derm because for some people it works amazingly well. If you know someone who’s used it, you’ve probably stared in disbelief at the change in their appearance.

Nu Derm Is Not a Miracle Cure

Using Nu Derm successfully requires a commitment in time and discipline because there are multiple Melasma After Nu Derm Photoproducts that have to be applied in a specific order every morning and night. Although lightening of the skin almost always occurs, the process is not suitable for everyone’s level of skin sensitivity.

Obagi Side Effects

Potential side effects are stinging, redness and peeling. Also, the process takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete and it costs a couple hundred dollars (see Nu Derm prices below). So it’s important to know if Obagi is a good product for you – and if you’re a good candidate for Obagi – before investing the time and money.

Is Obagi Right For You?

Obagi Products makes many other skin care systems and products in addition to Nu Derm. Here at Obagi Reviews we provide honest reviews that include product information and facts as well as quotes from real Obagi users gathered from multiple sources. Our goal is to give you straightforward information to help you decide if a specific Obagi product is right for you.

Obagi User Reviews

Scroll down to read quotes from real users in their own words. At the bottom of the page is a list of suppliers to help you compare Nu Derm prices from around the web. Read more Obagi Product Reviews on the pages at right under “Obagi Reviews”.

Seeing Results Fast

“I have been on Obagi toner, clear, and exforderm for 2 weeks and Obagi blender and tretinoin for 1 week. I can already see a difference in my face! The skin tone looks more radiant and even. The acne scars and dark “mustache” above my lip is starting to fade also. “

- Five out of five

Trying to Stay Positive During Difficult Side Effects

“Still waiting for the miracle results that seemed to be the common consensus after doing all of my on-line research. As of right now, I am about 3 weeks in and the only results i have so far is dry, red, peeling and raw skin! I’m trying to stay positive but, at this point it’s been really hard…”

- Two out of five

Sudden Blemishes, Nu Derm Before Laser

“…. I was scared to try obagi. I am SO glad I did anyway. I literally can’t believe what is happening to my skin. It’s incredible so far.
… Thing is, I have been frying my face sans sunscreen since my teens (including in Hawaii for over 7 years) and about 3 years ago started noticing, seemingly out of the blue!- some serious melasma.

Ugh. At first was just above my upper lip like a permanent mustache but then all over, forehead, cheeks, chin. I became so self conscious and I needed to do something. Thought laser would work but my derm told me it often makes melasma worse, so thank goodness I didn’t do that. She recommended obagi nu derm and I have been using it just over one month.

Wow, oh wow.”

-    Five out of five

Compared to Over the Counter

“I started on this treatment protocol on the advice of my dermatologist and his esthetician…

I can’t imagine the thousands of dollars I’ve spent on facials, treatment creams, etc. etc. over the years and how much better my skin would have been if I had done this before I was 65…

I think this is a system that needs some sort of face to face education. Some of the comments here are based on ignorance and a lack of understanding of what the products are supposed to do… I’m very happy with the results so far.”

- Five out of five

Overall rating: Based on more than 190 reviews, 77% of buyers would buy Obagi products again. Average rating: Four out of Five²

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Obagi Nu Derm Reviews

Lightened Skin, but Didn’t Help with Complexion Issues
not sure how I feel..,September 7, 2011
I actually bought this product from a plastic surgeon in my area and have been using the system religiously for 18 weeks. As far as skin lightening goes I did see results. But I was also assured by the esthetician that sold me the product and the hundreds of reviews I read that this is a miracle product that works for acne, scarring, oilyness, and discoloration. I am now quitting the product after being continuously broken out for most of the time. I saw no improvement in my skin texture, oilyness, or breakouts. My skin type is fair and oily and I get surface acne/whiteheads/clogged pores not big pimples or anything but enough to make me have to use foundation and concealer. I also have large pores and scarring that I was hoping would be reduced.
Overall I would recommend this only to people looking to treat melasma and freckles. I am now giving up the battle with Obagi and going for a cheaper more effective route for acne treatment, Proactiv. I would have saved hundreds of dollars if I had ordered this starter kit off of amazon though. Good luck for anyone desperate enough to be at this point of spending so much money for results, I feel your pain.

Side Effects – Redness and Peeling

“Even the redness and peeling (which I was warned ahead of time would happen) were very manageable.”
Christine W.
Bedford, NH²
Acne “Ice Pick” Scars
“Thanks to such a great skin care system [Obagi Nu-Derm], my acne scars have diminished to the level I couldn’t have even imagined or hoped for with skin care. My skin is more even toned and my ice pick scars are now very shallow…”
New York, NY²

Check Obagi Prices Online

There are two dermatologist-owned websites that sell Authorized Obagi prescription products online the first authorized Obagi retailer offer free shipping and has the lowest prices, and the second authorized Obagi retailer also has free shipping but higher prices. Amazon doesn’t sell prescription Obagi but is a good option for supplemental Nu Derm

Below is a comparison of prices to help you decide.

Nu Derm Full Size Set – Only $328 – Free Shipping

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Compare: Nu Derm Starter Set – $369.00

Obagi Nu Derm Starter Set (Oily to Normal skin only) – $369.90.  Free shipping

Amazon – Non-Rx Obagi Products at Good Prices

Amazon is a great place to pick up the non-prescription Nu Derm products if you need a refill. See Obagi Nu Derm Starter Set Non-Rx Components (multiple sellers). Feedback Ratings: 4.7 stars out 5.0 (read reviews)


Sources: ¹Obagi website, ²Makeup Alley website

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